Shroud follows a young woman's journey from Holland to the Civil War America in search of her missing husband. Having learned of her husband's peril in a lost town in the Old West, Lady Victoria Celestine (Nicole Leigh Jones) has withdrawn from the funeral of her prestigious father to make a dangerous transatlantic journey.

Arriving in the hidden town of Shroud, she unravels a dark 300-year old secret. The facts aren't entirely clear, and much has been marred by folklore and myth, but something that began with the 16th century expedition of Francisco Coronado, the Spanish conquistador, has left a deep scar upon the native Apache who surround the ghost town of Shroud.

For legend tells there is something else in The Arizona Territory besides Indians, Mexicans and Americans. Something in the hills. Something that never strays far from the place of its birth.

Trained in the same ecclesiastical science as her husband, Victoria has come to solve the mystery of her husband's disappearance and to confront the insatiable terror responsible for it.

Against the objections of terrified townsfolk who serve it, and against the plotting of Confederate expatriates that defend it, a dedicated Victorian will challenge the rule of the ancient damned. Her desperate bid to illuminate the darkest pocket of pain and anguish in America will pit the summit of her father's forbidden knowledge against superstition's coldest champion.

In the end, the frontier of Man's frail knowledge will be put to the test, as his faith and his cold fears wrestle to rule his mind. Shroud is a story of science and sacrilege, hope and hubris. From the wreckage of the final moments, a child will become a man, and a legend will be born.

Shroud (2013) | Unrated
Running Time: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

Starring: Nicole Leigh Jones, Dylan Barth, G. Russell Reynolds, Jodie Moore, Larry Jack Dotson, Charles Baker and Morgana Shaw.
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