Jetrefilm Principals

David Jetre - Writer | Director

Like many filmmakers David Jetre has been a lifelong fan of film and television as well as art, graphic and interior design, writing, and martial arts. With a lifetime of doodling, illustration and visual design... (Read More)

Edgar Pitts - Producer | Post-Production

Engrained with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Edgar has founded multiple internet technology companies and managed growing infrastructures and staff. Edgar uses his vast knowledge base to consult... (Read More)

Daniel Duncan - Executive Producer

Daniel is a results-oriented IT guru with demonstrated talent for managing large-scale network operations centers supporting thousands of users. Daniel applies the same calculated approach to producing... (Read More)

Jetrefilm Indonesia - About Us

Jetrefilm Entertainment is a film production company dedicated to creating imaginative, compelling and profitable cinema through strong storytelling, dramatic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and bold technological innovation.

With our first film Shroud in distribution we are preparing new properties development.

The production team at Jetrefilm Entertainment is extremely passionate about the artistic dimension of film but recognizes and respects the fact that filmmaking is a business. Our model is simple: write the best stories, work with the best people, make the prettiest pictures and create the best environment for others to work, express, thrive and profit.

We cordially invite you to look around and contact us with your comments, questions and inquiries.

We hope you have a great time visiting Jetrefilm.


David Jetre
Writer | Director
Jetrefilm Entertainment
"David is one of those rare and ephemeral creatures a film director who is both a master of the visual medium and a talented actor's director who can inspire a commanding and truthful performance from an actor. Of the eleven feature films I have worked on to date, David's micro-budgeted Shroud re­mains my favorite experience for the collaborative spirit David encouraged on set, for the opportunity to contribute creatively to his vision, and most important, for David's ability to deliver an outstanding feature film with incredibly limited funding. I can't wait to see what he can do with a real budget."

Michael Morlan
Director and Cinematographer