Jetrefilm Development

Jetrefilm Entertainment is currently developing several original properties for production, co-production and sale.

Jetrefilm only chooses to develop remarkably original
work with fresh dialog, innovative style, unique
characters, rich design and lavish imagination.

Our current catalog spans action, adventure, horror, science fiction, historical, romance, comedy, drama,
and thrillers for film, television and animated features.

Should you be in the market for a fresh script that will get you noticed we invite you to review these properties.

More script properties are available for qualified parties. Summaries, excerpts, treatments, analyses, and full length scripts are available upon requests. Scriptwriting services also available. Inquire for terms and conditions.

All extant feature scripts are WGA registered and copyrighted. Concept DVD art shown.

    Jetrefilm Entertainment - Feature Film Properties
Shroud - A Dutch noblewoman journeys to Civil War America to find her missing husband only to discover the ghastly 300-year old conspiracy responsible for his death. (Learn More) Status: Now Available on DVD
Dominium - In the mythical kingdom of Nymiria a damned sorcerer abrogates an ancient covenant and turns the power of a magic artifact on his own people. (Learn More)
Aldebaran - In an alternate history... Allied spies invade a secret Nazi bunker to steal an advanced genetic patent in a very different World War II where an atomic Third Reich has survived to 1952. (Learn More)
Where Wolves Lie - Two FBI agents are sent into the Appalachian Mountains to stop a grisly dog fighting ring, but unearth a cryptozoological predator that has been hunting in the remote mountains for over a century. (Learn More)
Knightsilver - In a wintry future apocalypse, ancestors of mankind resurrected by genetic engineering must battle an ancient alien threat that destroyed the dinosaurs. (Learn More)
Hailstone - In the distant future survivors of a world paralyzed by a perpetual ice age uncover a 900-year old solar secret that promises to transform their dead world forever. (Learn More)
The Revengers - A beautiful mob princess lures a comical band of absurd but efficient vigilantes into a bloody confrontation with her deranged brother. (Learn More)
Andruin of Saarke - An orphaned priest to an outlaw saint must prevent a renegade order of disgraced knights from exploiting an ancient secret that will plunge her world into perpetual mechanized war. (Learn More)