A beautiful mob princess lures a comical band of absurd but efficient vigilantes into a bloody confrontation with her deranged brother.

A dialog-rich, character-driven suspense film, The Revengers examines the social tenets of justice and revenge with equal verve and veracity as it pitilessly sets the sarcastic sub-culture of the modern computer gamer squarely against a dysfunctional mafia cell.

Stylish, nuanced, blunt, funny and ruthless, The Revengers is bold commentary on the unraveling American culture.

Written just one year before 9/11, The Revengers has gained moral credibility in the decade since our nation's most devastating attack at the hands of foreign terrorists. As if presaging the national dialog, The Revengers posits the very question: how do you deal with human beings who murder casually adn without remorse?

The Revengers offers the only true answer: equal and opposite force. For peaceful and enlightened men dialog, diplomacy, compromise and concessions abound. But for the psychopaths, mass murderers and mutilators of the human soul, there remains but the sanity of an equally efficient retaliation.

The Revengers fight back.
Script Details

Running Time: 2 Hours
Genre: Black Comedy / Action
Rating: R

Script Excerpts

"Gentlemen: let us praise at the altar of envy, look daggers, and give the voice of conscience its proper shout. For it is time to wake justice from its slumber and pay this man in his own coin: measure for measure, a Roland for an Oliver, to raise high the banner of lex talionis, and give the wind something to play with."
          - SAGE